Land Clearing

Land clearing is the process of removing trees, shrubs, and other vegetation from an area of land. It can be done to prepare a piece of land for development, such as housing or other construction projects.

Land clearing also allows for better access to the land and opens up the space for more efficient use. The benefits of land clearing include increased property values, improved soil health and fertility, improved site accessibility and safety, better crop yields, reduced fire risk in areas prone to wildfires, reduced stormwater runoff and erosion risks, and improved wildlife habitat.

Our Land Clearing Services


It doesn’t matter if you are a developer planning a huge commercial project or simply someone building a dream home, our unparalleled Ocala land-clearing service is the way to go!We can clear unwanted trees, brush, and other debris, leaving you with a smooth and level surface to make your dreams come true!


Our Ocala forestry mulching service is your best bet for removing unwanted growth while also enriching your soil with nutrient-loaded wood chips. This green approach reduces the growth of weeds, holds moisture, and encourages healthy plant growth. This is a win-win for your landscape,


Stop worrying about that stubborn brush and those hard-to-remove stumps. Our skilled team is equipped with the latest equipment and tools to tackle any job leaving your property spotless. We focus on minimizing ground disturbance, precise removal, and leaving your current foliage untouched.


Are you tired of those invasive roots and tangled-up vegetation that seems to be overtaking your property?  Call us for our grubbing and overgrowth management service. We remove all of the unwanted roots and put a stop to the uncontrolled growth resulting in your land being much healthier and manageable.

Central Florida Land Clearing is the number one choice for land and lot clearing in the Ocala, Florida area.  Give us a call today at 352-910-5549.